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Welcome to Alumni US, a free search engine for finding the best US Alumni from a long list of universities from all over the country. Simply select a university, and a list of all their top graduates will pop up. You can also find information about the graduates’ skills, location, or job. Of course, you will also be able to learn more about their education at the university.

We live in the age when information is all over the internet. Owing to this fact, our engine is able to find US alumni from all over the country. Perhaps you are looking for a college friend you lost touch with after graduating? Or maybe you want to refresh your memory on the people you used to go to classes with before a reunion. In fact, you might simply be curious to find out more about what jobs graduates of a certain university are likely to get. Whatever the case is, Alumni US is here to help you out. Simply pick a university or type in a name in the search bar, and our finder tool will do the rest for you.